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All three volumes of the Best Joke Book are e-books, books that can be read online … on a Kindle reader, on a computer or laptop (using apps such as Stanza, Aldiko, Adobe Digital Editions, and so on), on Apple iPads or iBooks, on a Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo and a host of other e-reading devices.

E-books are created in a variety of formats.

To read an e-book you need either a particular device (such as a Kindle reader or an iPad) or an app or reader software for the particular format.

Apps or readers enable you to read the book on your PC, laptop, smartphone, etc. They are FREE and downloading them is simple and quick (see below).

All three volumes of the Best Joke Book are available in the most popular formats.

Free Kindle Software

You can read a Kindle ebook on your PC by downloading the software free of charge from:

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To read Kindle eBooks on your laptop, tablet, Mac, iPad, Blackberry, iPhone, Android, etc, etc, you need to download a free app from Amazon:

Kindle for PC

Other free reading software

Just click on these links:

Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe PDF Reader

Stanza for Apple

Aldiko for Android

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